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5 Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Your Traditional House

Traditional kitchen cabinet designs can enhance the classic and timeless feel of your traditional house. Exclusively Cabients by Cabinetek can help you with kitchen cabinet design in Plymouth, MI, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, MI, Livonia, Brighton, MI and surrounding regions.

Some of the kitchen cabinet design ideas to consider:

  1. Shaker Style Cabinets:

Shaker-style cabinets are known for their simple and clean lines. They feature a recessed panel door with a simple frame and can be made from various wood types, such as oak, cherry, or maple. Shaker cabinets often have a natural wood finish or a classic paint color like white or cream. The minimalist design of Shaker cabinets works well in traditional kitchens, adding a sense of understated elegance.

  1. Raised Panel Cabinets:

Raised panel cabinets are a staple of traditional kitchen design. They have a door with a raised center panel surrounded by a decorative frame. These cabinets are typically made from wood and can be stained or painted in rich, warm colors like deep brown, dark red, or forest green. The intricate detailing on raised panel cabinets adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

  1. Glass Front Cabinets:

Kitchen Cabinet Design in Royal Oak, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Brighton & Nearby Cities Adding glass front cabinets to your kitchen can be a great way to showcase your fine china, glassware, or collectibles. Traditional glass front cabinets often feature mullion patterns with intricate grilles. Choose clear glass or textured glass for a vintage look. These cabinets are typically paired with solid wood cabinets to create a balanced design.

  1. Beadboard Cabinets:

Beadboard is a style of cabinet door that features vertical grooves or bead-like detailing on the cabinet’s front. Beadboard cabinets have a charming, cottage-like appeal and work well in traditional kitchens. They are often painted in light, pastel colors to create a fresh and airy atmosphere. Beadboard cabinets can be complemented with vintage-style hardware for an added touch of nostalgia.

  1. Distressed Cabinets:

Distressed cabinets can give your kitchen a weathered and aged appearance, perfect for a traditional setting. These cabinets are intentionally aged or distressed to create a rustic and antique look. The distressing can involve techniques like glazing, sanding, or chipping the paint or finish to reveal the underlying wood. Distressed cabinets are often paired with vintage hardware to complete the look.

Remember to consider the color scheme, countertops, and other design elements in your kitchen to ensure that your cabinet choice complements the overall traditional style of your home. Customization is key, so you can tailor these designs to your specific preferences and the unique character of your traditional house. Please call us without hesitation.

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